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Email Management

Our expert team of professionals helps you manage your emails as they are prone to get hacked, hence leads to loss of important information. Emails incorporated in business processes must be classified, stored and destroyed consistently within specified standards. Manage your emails and protect your important data from viruses, malware and data theft which leads to low productivity.

Email management is a systematic approach to maximizing the efficiency of email practices and minimizing the negative effects that email handling can have on an individual's productivity and job satisfaction. In the workplace, handling email ineffectively can waste a considerable amount of an employee's time and can also hamper other employees and negatively impact the organization as a whole. Email handling can account for more than 30 percent of an employee's work day, perhaps significantly more if handling behaviors are not optimized.

Tips for effective email management include:

  • Limiting the number of times you process mail in a day.

  • Limiting the amount of time you dedicate to processing email in a given session.

  • Responding immediately to messages that can be answered very briefly.

  • Only keeping your email program open while you are actively dealing with it.

  • Checking email only when you are going to process it.

  • Deleting as many messages as possible immediately.

  • Deleting all messages that are not archived after a specific amount of time.

  • Responding to only emails that require responses.

  • Moving messages to be dealt with later to a separate folder.